Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our 11th Issue of Dane World Online!  During this month I will be opening my new section which honors those Danes that have passed, but touched our lives so deeply while here.  The "Danes Gone By" Section is not a memorial section as such, but a scrapebook of those very special Danes that were loved and cherished and that we want to share with old and young enthusiasts alike.  This section can be accessed from the main front page. 

As a follow up to the tragedy that occurred last month at Nancy Simmons Grooming Shop, the Special PayPal Account has been set up which will deposit funds donated directly into Nancy's personal checking account.  Using this method avoids any fees being charged for this service.  Please follow the next link to Nancy's Website to make a donation.  This link just became active in early August.    http://www.shorelinegreatdanes.com

And please remember ... take a break, enjoy life, have some fun and smile at least once, everyday.  We all need to acknowledge that  ... life is TOO SHORT! 



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