Int'l Ch. Kajal-T De La Cala Del Leone

     Knopf's Elwood Blues Sharcon (Page 1)
     Knopf's Elwood Blues Sharcon (Page 2)
     Knopf's Emma Blue Heiress Sharcon
     Ch. Lagarada Sahara XR I'll Be Back ~
     BIS, BISS Ch. Lobato's Jitterbug Man ~
     Ch. Maitau Cosmic Eye'm A Star In Style
     Ch. Owlwatch An Obsidian Summer
     Ch. Owlwatch Summer Heir V Ariel
     PASK-Schills "PEACHES" LaTour V Mcadane
     Ch. SasMac XR Raise The Roof Rosie ~
     BISS Ch. Shill Rest Sure-Fire One N Only, AOM ~
     Ch. Shoreline's Moon River
     Ch. XR's Hasta La Vista Baby
     XR - Arnie & Rosie's Gang


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