Drs. Oyama & Meurs, recognized leaders in the field of canine cardiology research, are looking at some candidate genes in the Great Dane they believe may well be vitally important to the disease known as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). You can help. The researchers not only need to have direct contact with any Danes diagnosed with DCM, they need DNA samples from OLDER VETERAN DANES who are healthy and not affected by heart disease. Data will be shared with the LUPA cardiology project for the breed (an ongoing commitment of Drs. Meurs & Oyama). See the form below.
Questions? Email or call the H&R Chairman (contact info directly follows).
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Best regards, JP Yousha
Chairman, Health and Research Committee
Great Dane Club of America
432-684-8940 (TX)

Great Dane Dilated Cardiomyopathy Study

       We are looking for DNA samples from adult Great Danes without dilated cardiomyopathy to serve as controls (the unaffected group) to advance our study to identify a gene for Great Dane dilated cardiomyopathy.

  • For the technique to work well, we need DNA samples from affected and  unaffected dogs.
  • We have DNA samples from many affected Great Danes however we are looking for samples from unaffected Great Danes at least 9 years of age. They do not need to have been evaluated by an echocardiogram (cardiac ultrasound) to participate but if they have been and you have that information it would be helpful to us!
  • Ideally the samples would be from dogs with a pedigree but we can take samples from non-pedigreed rescue Danes as well. If you do have a pedigree and can include a Xerox copy that would be VERY helpful as well!
  • If you have a sample from an affected dog, we would be happy to take that as well, but we are in greatest need of samples from unaffected Great Danes at this time.


  • Please return the form below with your sample and mail to:

Post Office Box 605
Pullman, WA 99163-0605

Sample collection

  1. Blood drawn into a Standard EDTA Tube does not need to be refrigerated.
  1. Blood draw volume should be 2 to 3 ml, if possible.
  1. Please label tube well, with animalís call name and family last name and send the samples to our lab via the address above.

Blood drawn does not need to be mailed back with ice packs or be shipped overnight. However, if possible please try to send the sample within a few days by standard mail. Until the blood can be mailed, it is a good idea to refrigerate it (i.e., if the blood was drawn late Saturday and cannot be mailed until Monday, itís a good idea to refrigerate it between Saturday and Monday).  

Questions? Contact Info: Email:   Phone: 509.335.6038   


Great Dane Dilated Cardiomyopathy Study


Dog Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Gender: ______________________________

Birthdate: ____________________________

Owner Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Complete Address: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________

Date (if ever) of Last Echocardiogram: ________________________

Has this dog been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy? ___________________

Has this dog ever been diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation or ventricular premature complexes (called VPCs)? _________________

Do you know of any family history of dilated cardiomyopathy for this dog? _________________________________________________________________________

If possible could you please include a Xerox copy of a pedigree and any echocardiogram information? ___________________

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


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