JErry & CArolyn MObley

Breeders of Champion Great Danes in all colors (except newly approved mantles)

Breeders of American, Canadian & Mexican Dane Champions

In over 50 years, hundreds of Champions carry our bloodlines

Our bloodlines can also be found in Canada, Mexico,
South America, Japan & Australia, etc.

Carolyn Rae Mobley

"Pillar Of The Breed"
(as designated by the Great Dane Club of America, Inc.)

Mentor of Many of Today's Top Dane Judges, Breeders, Handlers and Exhibitors

AKC Licensed Professional Handler (Retired)

Veteran Breeder, Exhibitor, Handler & Writer

AKC Licensed Judge

I have loved animals, especially dogs and horses, from the time I was a little girl. But it was not until 1955, when I was 21 years old, that I attained my first Great Dane. I determined to study and learn everything I could about the breed, pored over pedigrees, researched all available sources, questioned and conversed with judges, breeders, handlers, exhibitors and devoted many hours to educating myself about the Great Dane. Essentially, I determined to enter into the field of breeding, raising, showing and establishing a valid program.

In 1956 I began to show my own dog and started the up and down process of learning to handle by attending show after show, gaining experience, continuing to learn the "hands on" way and taking my share of "lumps". Gradually I became competent and learned about the dog game.

After breeding my first litter(s), I handled many of the dogs that I had bred, and also handled other breeds. I also from time to time, handled dogs belonging to others. At that time no person could handle other people’s dogs for money unless he or she was licensed by the AKC. Hopeful handlers had to go through an application and licensing process similar to that required of potential judges. I was finally granted an AKC Handler’s License for Danes, and by the time AKC did away with the Professional Handler’s License, I had been granted many more breeds, becoming a Licensed AKC All-Breed Handler. As a matter of fact, due to the huge Dane entries in those days (often 100 or more), I was kept busy in the Dane ring in class after class, so had very little available time to handle other breeds, but managed to do so on occasion.

In 1969 we moved from the San Fernando Valley to Palmdale in order to purchase a licensed kennel. For the past 30 years we have lived in Palmdale, raised our family, bred and shown our dogs and Arabian horses and continue to do so. We have been fortunate over the years to breed many nice dogs, have bred Dane champions in all colors, and have bred some champions in other breeds and also some champion Arabians.

I now breed on a limited basis, accept an occasional judging assignment and exhibit at times. My greatest joy is still to take my young, promising puppies into the show ring, but I have to admit that being a little over 65, I can’t move them as I once did.

My mentors were the respected Dane people who advised and encouraged me and who were honest with me in regard to the good and bad points and problems with their own dogs and those of others. Integrity and a desire to better the breed were the primary qualities. Some were Jack and Lillian McEdwards of Dane Eden, "Pop" Gilbert and Rose Robert of Dinro. Of course, there were a number of others. These people I consider some of the foundation breeders.

I have appreciated and admired a number of Danes over time, but when asked if a certain Dane ever took my breath away, I would have to say it was one of our own, Am. & Mex. Ch. Rodane’s Nobel Othello. He was big, black and very sound, had a gorgeous head and body, great movement, but most of all he was a showman. Born to show, and to give, and to never let down, and even on my end of the lead, he continued to astound me. He was the first owner-handled black Dane to be #1, all Systems, all colors, either sex. He was #2 in the Working Group and that was before the Herding Group was separated from the Working Group. He was a multiple Breed and Group Winner.

Early in my breeding program when concentrating on fawns and brindles, my basic bitch, Ch. Kelsey’s Annie Laurie was the greatest influence on my breeding program. She was the dam of Am & Mex. Ch. Jecamo’s The Beefeater, Am & Mex. Ch. Jecamo’s Roxanne, Am. Mex. & Can. Ch. Jecamo’s Caesar of AAA, and Ch. Jecamo’s Lucy Ann, CD (the dam of Ch. Abner Lowell Davis). These were all fawns and were forerunners of many champions and quality Danes. In the second phase of my breeding program, although I continued to breed as before, I branched out into the field of "Danes of color". The challenge was there, and the chance to attempt to really better the breed in certain aspects was a great incentive. Of course, our aforementioned "Othello" was a terrific building block on which to proceed. Today, I believe that it is recognized that "Othello" was an outstanding influence on the blacks and blues as we know them today, helping to bring them to the level to fully compete with the other colors.

My theories on breeding and/or selecting a stud dog are not complicated. In my opinion there is no "one deciding factor" in selecting a stud dog. I have always been careful to look at the temperament, health, pedigree, longevity of the line, soundness, breed type, size and made sure I had good knowledge of the selected stud dog’s background on his parents, siblings, etc. All of these items are equally as important and sometimes you simply have to go with your feelings and/or hunches based on your experience. When you decide to breed you have to plan ahead and anticipate future generations. Stack your pedigree with positives. Listen to those who are qualified to give good advice and accept it or reject it as you see fit. Do research, study pedigrees and pictures and do whatever it takes to become intimately familiar with the breeding. The rules I try to follow for breeding are this:

  • Don’t breed just to be breeding
  • Don’t breed for puppies to sell as the main reason
  • Don’t breed only because the dog or bitch is a winner
  • Don’t breed merely because the animal is advertised
  • Don’t breed merely for political advantage
  • Don’t breed expecting to make a financial killing
  • Don’t breed to animals owned by someone you know or feel cannot adequately care for a litter

I have had many wonderful years enjoying my dogs and many wonderful experiences related to them and the dog world. I have traveled a great deal, met many interesting and friendly people and learned much, not only about my dogs, but also about the world in general. It’s been great and Jerry and I look forward to many, many more years in the world of dogs.

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