Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our 10th Issue of Dane World Online . . . and Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY  to all!

We have had a very sad event occur in the life of one of our friends and fellow breeder/exhibitor friends, Nancy L. Simmons, of Shoreline Great Danes in New Jersey.  Many of you have already heard, but for those that have not, Nancy lost her grooming business to a fire on July 1st.   Even more devastating is the fact that she lost her bitch, Cherese and 6 of Cherese's puppies.  One little brindle girl survived the fire.   Below is a link to an article telling about Nancy's heroic efforts to save her client dogs and her own dogs.  Her shop and grooming equipment is a total loss.  http://www.trentonian.com/articles/2010/07/02/news/doc4c2d57087582a259999995.txt#photo1

As a Dane Community we are hoping that folks will open their hearts to help Nancy through this very difficult time in her life.  A special PayPal Account has been set up which will deposit funds donated directly into Nancy's personal checking account.  Using this method avoids any fees being charged for this service.  Please follow the next link to Nancy's Website to make a donation.  It is expected that this account will be set up and activated sometime over this 4th of July weekend.  Please keep checking back to see when it is active.  Any amount will be of great help and most appreciated.   http://www.shorelinegreatdanes.com

And please remember ... take a break, enjoy life, have some fun and smile at least once, everyday.  We all need to acknowledge that  ... life is TOO SHORT! 



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