Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our 3rd Issue of Dane World Online.  I am still adding some text features and National Coverage to this issue, so please be patient and check back every day or so, to see the new items added. 

It was nice to see many of you at the National last month.  Unfortunately I missed a few days while in the local Chattanooga hospital and recuperating in my hotel room; first time I've gone to a National but felt like I really wasn't there.  Even still, we had a great time and would like to thank all of the hardworking and dedicated folks from the Southeast Division.      

Don't forget our section entitled, "What the . . . . ?"  The link to this section is at the very bottom of the main front page or you can click directly from this page.  It's my "Online Candid Photo Gallery".  Be sure to check it out and submit your photos.  One lucky submission each month will win a Free Color Ad.  The winning photo for October 2009 was "This Program's Boring . . . Pass The Remote" submitted by Gina Jaeblon. 

Id like to thank everyone that has shown support for Dane World Online.  Its a bright future with this new venture and I hope you all will enjoy the many facets that an online publication has to offer.

And please remember ... take a break, enjoy life, have some fun and smile at least once, everyday.  I'm learning the hard way ... life is TOO SHORT! 


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