Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our 2nd Issue of Dane World Online.  We’ve had some great reviews and feedback on the new format and I would like to thank everyone for their words of encouragement.   

We have some great ads this month, along with some sad farewells to some very special Great Danes.  One of the text features is an article about the Brazilian National that was held in September.  It’s always nice to see dogs from other parts of the World, and my special thanks to Humberto Cruz for making this article possible.  My other main feature is a salute to the Top 20 Dogs for 2009 that will be competing in Chattanooga in about 2 weeks.  Congratulations to this year’s contenders and best of luck on your special night. 

As I mentioned in my September Editor’s Letter, I won’t have a booth at the National this year, but I will be there with Jennifer helping with the Show Photography.  I plan to have my laptop with me and will have it set up on Jennifer’s table with a slide show of the ads from both the September and October Online Issues.  Please do come by and take a look.  Also, if you’d like to do an “ON THE SPOT AD” while you are at the National, using one of your show photos taken during the week, WE CAN DO!  Just see me at Jennifer’s table and we’ll get it done!  Any “On The Spot Ads” done at the National will go online immediately and will stay online through the October and November Issues.

Don't forget our section entitled, "What the . . . . ?"  The link to this section is at the very bottom of the main front page or you can click directly from this page.  It's my "Online Candid Photo Gallery".  Be sure to check it out and submit your photos.  One lucky submission each month will win a Free Color Ad.  The winning photo for September 2009 was "Oooh It's Cold" submitted by Nancy Lerch. 

For those of you heading out to the National very soon, please have a safe trip and we'll see you there.  For those not able to attend this year, we'll miss you, but I do plan to put candid photos online each day, so be sure to check the site daily for "action" shots.    

I’d like to thank everyone that has shown support for Dane World Online.  It’s a bright future with this new venture and I hope you all will enjoy the many facets that an online publication has to offer.l 


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