Hello All,

          I have to admit, this feels funny.  Usually, at this point, I am writing a letter to the printer with all of the fine details and instructions for printing Dane World.  But instead, I am preparing my letter to my readers and once it’s linked … we’re live!  IT IS NICE cutting a couple of weeks out of the production schedule.   

          So opens a new chapter.  These last few weeks preparing the New Dane World Online has been some what of a learning curve for me.  Dimensions and resolutions are so very different, but I have enjoyed preparing the ads for this first online issue and would like to thank the advertisers that stuck with me and said, “Yes, they would give it a try.”  I hope everyone will find that the quality, features and advertising are very similar to what you had in the print version and that you will enjoy all of the sections on this new site.   

          I view this online magazine as a living document, with flexibilities and options that we could not offer in print.  You will have access to 12 issues at all times in my Online Library, and then the option of keeping them forever with the availability of yearly Archive CD’s.  I hope you will all come forward with input if there is something that you would see added to the magazine, and I hope many of you will come forward with either articles that you have written or article topics you’d like to see covered.  One cute feature of this site is the section entitled, "What the . . . . ?"  The link to this section is at the very bottom of the front main page or you can click directly from this page.  It's my "Online Candid Photo Gallery".  Be sure to check it out and submit your photos.  One lucky submission each month will win a Free Color Ad.

          Although I won’t have a booth at the National this year, I will be there with Jennifer helping with the Show Photography.  I plan to have my laptop with me and will have it set up on Jennifer’s table with a slide show of the ads from both the September and October Online Issues.  Please do come by and take a look.     

          For those of you that received Value Coupons, I hope you will find a venue on this new site to use them.  I feel I have advertising categories for everyone, so let’s share your Danes with the world.  The advertising deadlines are the 15th of each month, with the new issue opening online the following first of the month.   

          For those of you that know me well, you know how hard I struggled with this decision.  Dane World Magazine has been such a big part of my life for 15 years, and it was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.  I feel by reformatting to this new Online Magazine, I can still bring a quality publication to the fancy which is more affordable for all. 

          I thank each of you for your long term support of Dane World over the years.  It has been my honor and pleasure.  I am looking forward to the future with this new venture and hope you all will enjoy the many facets that an online publication can offer. 

          And please remember ... take a break, enjoy life, have some fun and smile at least once, everyday. 


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