Dear Readers, 

Welcome to our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Issue of Dane World Online!  To celebrate our 1-Year Anniversary, I have opened the new section that I've mentioned over the last couple of months.  It is a very special section (for me at least) and I hope to see it grow and grow over the years.  The "Danes Gone By" Section is not a memorial section as such, but a scrapbook of those very special Danes that were loved and cherished and that we want to share with old and young enthusiasts alike.  This section can be accessed from the main front page NOW.  Look for the link just below the list of monthly advertisers or you can click here to go directly to the Directory Page for the Scrapbook:  http://www.daneworld.com/DW-DP-DanesGoneBy.htm    I am still working on several ads for this section and will be posting them as they are completed.  Price information for being included in this very special section can be found on my "Rates" page, located at: http://www.daneworld.com/DW-DP-AdvertisingRates.htm

Additionally, I will be formatting and preparing the Annual Archive CD for Dane World's first year Online.  These CD's will contain all of the advertising, contest photos and articles that appeared from September 1, 2009 through August 31, 2010.   The purchase price will be $15.00 (plus $3.00 for postage & handling) for a total of $18.00.  Once they are available, you can order and purchase them online by visiting:  http://www.daneworld.com/DW-DP-AdvertisingRates.htm or you can call with your credit card number.  (703) 501-9004

Just as a reminder, the Special PayPal Account is still active for any contributions that you might like to make to Nancy Simmons.  This account has been set up to deposit funds donated directly into Nancy's personal checking account.  Using this method avoids any fees being charged for this service.  Please follow the next link to Nancy's Website to make a donation.  This link just became active in early August.    http://www.shorelinegreatdanes.com

Also, we are all so very relieved to know that Jeff Lawrence is doing so much better since his very tragic accident back in August.  Love and prayers to Jeff, Patrice, Tristen and family while Jeff continues down his "recovery road". 

Please remember ... take a break, enjoy life, have some fun and smile at least once, everyday.  We all need to acknowledge that  ... life is TOO SHORT! 



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